when i worked at the bakery i almost never ate breakfast, because at 6 am i wasn’t really hungry. breakfast is a meal associated with daytime so it felt wrong to eat it when i was still dark outside. i’d just eat something later in the morning if i happened to have a 30 second interval between two customers.

one summer i spent a month at stephan and noelle’s place in los angeles and discovered this radical concept: having breakfast as an actual meal, taking the time to sit at the table in a sleepy way, looking out the window and thinking about the day ahead. and eat declicious things, every day something different.

i loved waking up like a jetlagged bum in their living room to the kitchen sounds and the coffee smell, the whispers and clinking spoons!

i hope you know noelle has a breakfast blog, xobreakfast.com, for all you champions of breakfast. and for those who tend to skip it, go see what you’re missing!